Mr. C Hotels

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We built a scalable multi-site setup for the world renowned culinary and hospitality Cipriani brand that proved to boost online bookings and reservations immediately.


An established but growing brand, Mr. C Hotels needed a completely redesigned site that could accommodate their rapidly expanding boutique hotel offerings throughout the country and possibly internationally.

To begin with, we needed to ensure that Mr. C Hotels could easily duplicate and populate content for a newly acquired property at any time, and that there was a framework in place to support the design system we would build to ensure consistency in all aspects of their digital presence.

Information architecture is key when a user is quickly digesting content. We needed a dynamic block-like structure to be able to display bits in situation.

We needed to have a modular structure in place to support different stages of development on any one property or offering, and be able to support the appropriate information architecture on the respective properties.


We built the sites using BigTree CMS and utilized the friendly drag and drop callouts and modules for content management. This “Lego-like” structure allowed us the freedom to be fluid and have content shaped in digestible blocks that were appropriate in multiple situations. Freedom!

To immerse the user in the brand and keep them there as long as possible before pushing them off to the booking engine, we worked with Leading Hotels of the World and Synxis to build in parameters on site that allowed the user to make most choices prior to the final conversion point.


We worked side by side with Mr. C Hotels to ensure that every aspect of the design conveyed the old world luxury and style that the Cipriani brand has become known for in the culinary and hospitality worlds. Utilizing existing and new assets, the design utilized a”micro to macro” feel throughout, highlighting the simple details that separate an experience at Mr. C from the rest.