New portfolio launched

Posted on April 27, 2019

It’s been a long time. It’s been six years. Six years since I’ve had any type of published portfolio. Six years without a blog. Six – freaking – years.

As a designer, developer, technical director and creative technology director, I have teamed up with clients all over the world over the years. I have helped my team to build out websites, design systems, VR and AR experiences and progressive web apps. I just didn’t do any of that for myself. Until this weekend.

The Struggle

So, we’ve all been there. Project deadlines are creeping up and it seems the only way to get any sleep at night is to sacrifice your nights and weekends syncing your Sketch files to inVision or pushing code to GitLab. This happened to me one day – then I woke up five and a half years later and realized it became the norm.

In between driving my oldest son to CSN North campus at night and spending weekends driving all over the Valley to whatever baseball field the tourney for my youngest was at, I was the guy on his phone creating issues and labels in the project, corresponding via email with the client and taking calls from the managing partner of the agency (more on that in a later post).

The last thing I thought about doing was this. Until now.

Shake it Off

If any of this sounds familiar to you and you haven’t yet, I guarantee you will get to a point in which it almost becomes laughable. You will not have some epiphany in which a Nike tagline becomes your inspiration to get off your butt and rep yourself properly. No. What will happen is that during the process of thinking about creating for you (imagine that) it just might become fun (imagine THAT).

The Nuts and Bolts (or content and design)

You design for your clients. You dev for your clients. You may even play a role as PM or liaison between your team and  your clients. You can do all of that for yourself! I promise! You’re freaking good at it!

The hard part for me has been getting content together and that’s been a struggle. Finding the time to write down the idea in a Field Notes or using WP-CLI to quickly shell into my server and draft a post title (more on that in a later post) while working has helped. I can go back and (mostly) remember what the thought was and elaborate.

My focus is now on content going forward. I’ve put this site together using the simplest of information architecture and have no plans to make it any more complex. I’ve built in some fun little quirks like theming my logo and CTA accent colors with whatever might be in season.

  • Default – Badass black and gray
  • Summer – Sunset orange and navy colors of our brand new Las Vegas Aviators
  • Rose – Cotton candy pinks that will be used on Mother’s Day/Valentines Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Trees – Earth Day
  • Patriotic –  Muted reds and blues for the obvious times of the year like the 4th
  • Xmas – Good ol’ red and green for the Holidays
  • Dodgers – Straight up Dodger Blue (HEX#1E90FF) for whenever I feel it’s appropriate (Let’s go boys!!)

I advise making it fun. Making it interesting for you to go back into your site and keep the content fresh. Little things like the above may help. Enabling comments on blog posts may help. I encourage you to treat you like you’ve been treating those clients. You deserve it! Hope you dig the site! More to come soon.